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My name is Roy Harris. I have been studying martial arts since 1981. Since that time, I have studied 27 different styles of martial art and have obtained numerous black belts. One of the black belts I possess is in the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. As of today, I am one of four Americans who (as of January 2013) have been promoted to 5th Degree Black Belt.

I have been teaching martial arts since 1987. I have been teaching Jiu Jitsu since the spring of 1991. I’ve also taught nearly 500 seminars globally and have taught thousands of private lessons to a myriad of clientele (e.g. housewives, business women, senior citizens, children, Navy Seals, lawyers, bus drivers, surgeons, police officers, etc..).

If you are interested in learning the fascinating art of Jiu Jitsu (or one of the other arts I teach) in a private or semi-private setting where the environment is controlled, positive, encouraging, conducive to learning, designed for progress, and where there is hardly a risk of injury, then please email me here. Find out the details here.

If you live in any city in any of the counties below, please know that I will drive to you, bring my own mats (or other gear [e.g. sticks, knives, gloves, focus pads, etc..])and teach you whatever you would like to learn:

San Diego County
Imperial County
Orange County
Los Angeles County
Riverside County
San Bernardino County
Ventura County

I look forward to hearing from you!


Roy Harris