Here is my martial arts background:

I have actively studied twenty-seven (27) different styles of martial arts since 1981:

1) Jeet Kune Do Concepts
2) Shooto Wrestling
3) Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
4) Sambo
5) Bando
6) Wing Chun
7) Pekiti Tirsia
8) Pentjak Silat Bukti Negara
9) Boxe Francaise Savate
10) Western Boxing
11) Greco-Roman Wrestling
12) Freestyle Wrestling
13) Pankration
14) Thai Boxing
15) Balintawak
16) Le Canne et Baton
17) Panache
18) Sho Shin Ti Karate
19) Judo
20) Inosanto Blend of Kali
21) Chin Na
22) Aikido
23) Aiki JuJutsu
24) Panantuken / Pananjakman
25) Sugar ryu Jiu Jitsu
26) Chausson
27) Kalis Ilustrisimo

Since that time, I’ve obtained the following ranks and certifications:

  • A Certified, California Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.), Defensive Tactics Instructor.
  • A California P.O.S.T. Certified Academy Instructor (AICC).
  • A Fifth Degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Professor Joe Moreira.
  • A Certified Third Degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under the IBJJF.
  • A Basic Level Instructorship in Kalis Ilustrisimo under Punong Guro Tony Diego and Guro Romeo Macapagal.
  • A Green Glove in Boxe Francaise Savate under Professor Salem Assli.
  • A former Senior Full Instructorship in Jeet Kune Do Concepts / Filipino Martial Arts under Sifu Paul Vunak.
  • A former Associate Level Instructorship in Jun Fan Gung Fu under Guro Dan Inosanto.
  • A former Associate Level Instructorship in Filipino Martial Arts under Guro Dan Inosanto.
  • A former Apprentice Level Four Instructorship in Jun Fan Gung Fu under Sifu Larry Hartsell.
  • A former HKC (Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification) Certified Instructor from Mr. Pavel Tsatsouline.
  • An Honorary Fourth Degree Black Belt in Taihojutsu (Police Tactics) under Sensei Tom Snowden.
  • An Honorary Third Degree Black Belt in Sho Shin Ti modes Karate under Sensei Larry Kurtz.


Since 1987, I’ve taught Defensive Tactics (i.e. Edged Weapon Defenses, Ground Control Tactics, Arrest and Control Tactics, and Physical Attribute Development) to numerous law enforcement agencies and military groups around the world. Here is a brief list of groups I’ve worked with in the past:


  • American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers (ASLET)
  • California Narcotics Officers’ Association (CNOA)
  • California Peace Officer Standards and Training Commission (POST)
  • Carlsbad Police Department
  • Chula Vista Police Department
  • Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) – Newark, NJ
  • Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) – San Diego, CA
  • El Cajon Police Department
  • Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI)
  • Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD)
  • Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office
  • McHenry County Sheriff’s Department
  • Military and Civilian Law Enforcement Association (MACLEA)
  • National City Police Department
  • San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office
  • San Diego Police Department
  • San Diego Sheriff’s Office
  • San Diego Narcotics Task Force (NTF)
  • San Diego P.D. (S.W.A.T. – S.R.T.)
  • Transportation Security Administration – US Air Marshals (Chicago Office)
  • Trondheim Police Department (Trondheim, Norway)
  • University of California, San Diego, Police Department
  • US Border Patrol
  • US Marshals
  • US Secret Service (Department of Homeland Security)
  • Various Law Enforcement Agencies throughout Western Poland


  • Rio Hondo Police Academy
  • San Diego Regional Police Academy
  • San Bernardino Sheriff’s Academy
  • San Diego Sheriff’s Academy


  • Polish Special Land Forces (G.R.O.M.)
  • Slovakian Special Forces
  • US Navy Seals
  • US Marine Corps


As of November 2013, I have taught four hundred and fifty-one (451) seminars in twenty-five (25) countries around the world! My knowledge of, and expertise in, the martial sciences have been utilized by numerous civilian organizations as well. Here is a brief list of companies I have worked with:


  • Anheuser-Busch (The Bud Girls) – 1998 Bud Bowl in San Diego, California
  • Balboa Park Recreations – San Diego, California
  • Ballistic Fighting Methods – Carpentersville, Illinois
  • Body Workshop – Pacific Beach, California
  • Century Business Schools – San Diego, California
  • Chula Vista Center Mall – Chula Vista, California
  • Colorado River Indian Tribes – Arizona
  • Holiday Inn Hotel Security – San Diego, California
  • Horton Plaza Mall Security – San Diego, California
  • Mercyhurst College – Erie, Pennsylvania
  • National University – San Diego, California
  • Numerous Sororities in San Diego County
  • Paradise Valley Hospital Security – Paradise Valley, California
  • Radisson Hotel Security – San Diego, California
  • San Diego District Attorney’s Office – San Diego, California
  • San Diego State University Recreations – San Diego, California
  • Scripps Health- San Diego, California
  • University of California, San Diego Recreations – La Jolla, California
  • University of California, San Diego (3rd, 5th, Muir and Revelle Colleges) – La Jolla, California
  • Z90 Radio Station – National City, California


  • Aikido of North County – Vista, California
  • Ballistic Fighting Methods – Carpentersville, Illinois
  • Elite JKD Systems – Bloomingdale and Rockford, Illinois
  • Hal Faulkner BJJ Academy – Eureka, California
  • Hawaiian Martial Arts Center – Honolulu, Hawaii
  • House of Champions – Van Nuys, California
  • Huard’s Martial Arts – Winslow, Maine
  • Inosanto Academy of Martial Arts – Marina del Rey, California
  • Jiu Jitsu de Brasil – Costa Mesa, California
  • Lewis BJJ Academy – Naples, Florida
  • Martial Arts America – San Jose, California
  • Martial Arts America – San Diego, California
  • Martial Arts America – Rochester, New York
  • Minnesota Kali Group – Duluth, Minnesota
  • Minnesota Kali Group – Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Modern Self-Defense – Middletown, Connecticut
  • North County Fight Club – Carlsbad, California
  • Numerous sororities throughout San Diego County
  • Partch’s Grappling Academy – Chula Vista, California
  • Progressive Fighting Systems – Greenfield, Indiana
  • Progressive Fighting Systems -Rockford, Indiana
  • Progressive Fighting Systems – Newark, New Jersey
  • Roy Dean Academy – Bend, Oregon
  • Sidekicks Fight Academy – Canyon Country, California
  • Sagauro Jiu Jitsu – Vail, Arizona
  • Saunders Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – East Rochester, New York
  • Southbay Jiu Jitsu Club – Chula Vista, CA
  • Team Magnitude – Vista, CA
  • Trondheim BJJ – Trondheim, Norway


  • 3D JKD, Naramata, BC, Canada
  • Baja California Mexico Jiu Jitsu Club – Mexicali, BC, Mexico
  • Champion’s Creed Martial Arts Centre – Calgary, AB, Canada
  • Borret BJJ – Shanghai, China
  • Combate Dept. – Monza, Italy
  • Fighter Fitness – Obertshausen, Germany
  • Kaisho Martial Arts Academy – Helsingborg, Sweden
  • Lee Mein’s Canadian Martial Arts Centre – Lethbridge, AB, Canada
  • Jeet Kune Do Slovakia – Harichovce, Slovakia
  • Mariusz Linke Academy – Szczecin, Poland
  • Progressive Fighting Systems – Munich, Germany
  • Progressive Fighting Systems – Milano, Italy
  • Progressive Fighting Systems – Varese, Italy
  • Progressive Fighting Systems – Vancouver, Canada
  • RPI Academy – Melbourne, Australia
  • Sefcik JKD – Harichovce, Slovakia
  • Shooters MMA – Goteborg, Sweden
  • Shooters MMA – Stockholm, Sweden
  • Shooters MMA – Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Speretti JKD – Asti, Italy
  • Strefa Walki – Poznan, Poland
  • Torshus Folkehøgskole – Fannrem, Norway
  • Trondheim BJJ – Trondheim, Norway
  • Winkler JKD – Langenthal, Switzerland
  • Various Karate schools throughout Northern and Central Switzerland
  • Various Jiu Jitsu schools throughout Northern and Western Poland
  • Various schools through Ireland, England, the Philippines and Indonesia

A FEW NOTABLE STUDENTS – Below is a short list of those who have sought out private / personalized instruction from me in the past:

  • Guro Dan Inosanto
  • Guro Paul Vunak
  • Guro Thomas Cruse
  • Dr. Mark Cheng
  • Dr. Jack Yang
  • Dr. Paul Haydu
  • Quentin Jammer (former San Diego Charger)
  • Jacques Cesaire (former San Diego Charger)
  • Marques Harris (former San Diego Charger)
  • Ms. Diana Moscarda
  • Mr. Keith Blackburn
  • Mr. Jason Lambert
  • Mr. Lee Mein
  • Mr. Jordan Mein
  • Mr. Nick Ring
  • Mrs. Sheila Bird
  • Mr. Israel Camacho
  • Mr. August Wallen
  • Mr. Manny Rodriguez
  • Mr. Jeff Clark
  • Mr. Roy Dean
  • Mr. Matt Stansell
  • Mr. Quinn Deveraux
  • Mr. Johan Skalberg
  • Mr. Björn Friedrich
  • Mr. Robert Parmakovski
  • Mr. Michael Jen


I have appeared on a syndicated television show entitled “Don’t Be A Target: A Television Guide to Crime Prevention”. I also appeared on a local San Diego based news station because of my expertise in Jeet Kune Do.

I have been featured in Black Belt Magazine, a few Southern California newspapers, as well as several international martial arts magazines. Back in the mid-1990′s, I was interviewed by a San Diego based radio station and even answered questions as callers called into the station to learn about martial arts and self-defense. Because I had taught 100+ self-defense workshops to the general public, free of charge, I was nominated as “Angel of the Week”.


I was inducted into the Masters’ Hall of Fame in August of 2007.



I am (or was) a proud member of the following associations:

  • Executive Security International Alumni Association
  • Professor Joe Moreira’s Jiu Jitsu de Brasil Association
  • Punong Guro Tony Diego’s Kalis Ilustrisimo Association (former)
  • Guro Dan Inosanto’s International Instructor Association (former)
  • Guro Larry Hartsell’s Instructor Association (former)
  • Sifu Rick Faye’s Minnesota Kali Group (former)
  • Progressive Fighting Systems (former)



Here is a short list of instructors who have heavily influenced my martial arts teaching and training: