In-Home Training

Over the past two decades, I have taught numerous private and semi-private lessons in people’s home. I have also taught private and semi-private lessons in some pretty unique locations:

• A crowded park
• A jail holding cell
• A church
• An airport
• A nursing home
• A shopping mall

I have taught these lessons on a myriad of topics. Here are just a few – to give you an idea of what’s possible:

1. Basic self-defense (for men and women)
2. Defensive tactics for law enforcement
3. CQB (Close-Quarter Battle)
4. Kettlebells and Functional Fitness
5. Stick fighting
6 . Blade work (offensive and defensive)
7. Clinch work
8. Ground grappling / fighting
9. Confronting multiple assailants
10. Environmental considerations (e.g. on a plane, in a stairwell, etc…)

Might you be interested in taking private or semi-private lessons in the convenience, comfort and privacy of your home? If so, email me here. I teach  lessons in the following areas:

• San Diego County
• Imperial County
• Orange County
• Los Angeles County
• Riverside County
• Ventura County

I look forward to hearing from you!

Roy Harris

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